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Respect Week

The children and staff are spending much time this week considering how we as a school community and as individuals can contribute positively to society through the choices we make, our behaviour and actions. As a school we value our 'Together We Try' motto and the children are becoming very good at talking about character strengths and which they need to draw on at different times and this is a regular part of our assemblies, celebrations and day to day school life. The week began by Years 1 to 4 taking part in a 'Blast off' workshop, a creative workshop that allowed children to explore anti-bullying scenarios, the reasons behind anti-social behaviour , its impact on others and ways to reach a resolution. Although a serious message... it did look fun! A number of children (and staff) have taken part in celebrating the 'we are all different, we are equal' message by wearing odd socks to school and lots have activities have gone on during the week. Year 6 for example, have been writing persuasive letters to parents and residents with regards to showing respect when parking and driving near our school, have designed their own graffiti art with a positive message and have even practiced self-regulation with a sweet activity! There is plenty more to share with you in a later post! #respect #team work #empathy #honesty #social understanding