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Science at Moira Primary School


Science provides children with the opportunity to understand the world around them and provides an exciting context to apply many of the other skills and disciplines they learn at school.

The science National Curriculum identifies three key areas in which the children should be taught: knowledge and understanding; working scientifically and the application of science.

Our School uses Curriculum Maestro to deliver a carefully planned science curriculum which ensures children, from Reception to Year 6 cover these three aims in an accessible, creative and engaging way.

We believe that children learn science best by doing and seeing; by providing the children with a range of opportunities to actively carry out different types of scientific enquiries, we ensure that working scientifically and application of knowledge is embedded into the heart of our science curriculum.

Moira Primary School ensures that every child is given the opportunity to enjoy and make progress in science. In addition, the wider curriculum provides many opportunities to apply and deepen children’s understanding of science. 


How is Science organised at Moira?


We ensure that we teach Science each week through a Science lesson. This is taught by the class teacher. Science is recorded in a Science workbook.


How do we make sure that children have scientific knowledge?

Our Curriculum Maestro planning ensures that children are given opportunities to rehearse key scientific vocabulary. We have a science display in each classroom and children are all given knowledge organisers at the start of their new science topic.

Here is an example of a knowledge organiser.







How do we teach children about scientific investigations?


Each unit of work has some scientific knowledge and will contain an investigation.


How do we assess in Science?

We assess children's knowledge in Science through termly testing. We assess their investigative knowledge through teacher assessment. 


How can parents help their children with Science?


In Key Stage Two, all children have a account. There are nuggets and assessments linked to each area of science in the Century dashboard.


Use some of the website links below to help your child with their science.


BBC Bitesize

Oak Academy Science

Curriculum Maestro and Science

From September 2021, we are using Curriculum Maestro for our Science scheme. We have decided to use this scheme in order to equip our children with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they are ready for their next steps in education.


There is an overview of how our science curriculum builds in the document below.