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Sports Council

Sports Council 2018-2019


Here are our current Sports Council:


We meet every two weeks with Mrs Butterworth to discuss ways to improve the sport throughout the school and what we are doing well.

Picture 1 Leo & Sophie Year 3
Picture 2 Grace & Grace Year 4
Picture 3 Daniel & Rose Year 5
Picture 4 Faye & Callum Year 6



At our last meeting, we discussed ways in which we can raise money for some new playground equipment. After Easter, we are going to set up some different fundraising events!



We recently had an exciting order of new P.E. equipment!


The Sports Council helped to pump up lots of balls! It took a lot of hard work!

Daily Mile!


Each day, all KS2 children currently either walk, jog or run around the playground or field for fifteen minutes. The Sports Council are looking into how to improve this by having a variety of  physical activities for these sessions.

Bronze Ambassadors:






A few KS2 children have undertaken Bronze Ambassador training. They will now work together and with the lunch time staff to create different sporting lunch time activities. Watch this space!

New Sports Kit's

New Sports Kit's  1
New Sports Kit's  2
New Sports Kit's  3
New Sports Kit's  4
New Sports Kit's  5
New Sports Kit's  6

The new sports council for the school year 2017-2018 has now been decided. KS2 classes have voted and the Sports Council are already working hard. They have just announced their own 'Design a Mascot' competition where the children have been given until 29th September to design their own mascot for our sporting events. Check out the posters around school in your classes.

We are also working hard to use the hard-earned sponsor money from last year towards new team kits. We are hoping to choose a new football/rugby kit, and also team kits so that we all match and are unified when representing the school. Keep your eyes posted for updates on this.


Welcome to the team!!!

2017-2018 Sports Council

2017-2018 Sports Council 1 Year 6: Freya and Dylan
2017-2018 Sports Council 2 Year 5: Jacob and Charlotte
2017-2018 Sports Council 3 Year 4: Asher and Holly
2017-2018 Sports Council 4 Year 3: Haydon and Grace