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Design Technology

Curriculum Maestro and Design Technology

From September 2021, we are using Curriculum Maestro for our Design Technology scheme. We have decided to use this scheme in order to equip our children with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they are ready for their next steps in education.

Design Technology at Moira Primary School


How Design Technology is organised at Moira?

We teach our children about Design Technology through our topic planning. Our curriculum is organised into three topic blocks each year. These have either a Historical or Geographical focus. The units of Design Technology link to each topic where they can.


How do we make sure that all children have Design Technology knowledge?


Our curriculum builds carefully upon children's prior understanding and ensures that there are opportunities for children to use their previous  learning as they move through our school.




How do we teach children about Design Technology?


Children have lots of opportunities to develop their DT skills. In addition to our DT curriculum, we engage with Food for Life to support our children in accessing a wide range of food based/ cookery based learning; including working with real life chefs and food producers.


How do we assess in DT?


We use teacher assessment to gauge children's attainment in Art. 


How can parents help their children to learn more about DT?


There are lots of resources that can help parents to investigate Design Technology with their children.