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Moira Primary School ‘Together We Try’

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School Values

A school’s vision and mission statements should reflect the school’s purpose and values; they should be shared, providing the overall direction for the school, and helping to ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.

Together the children, along with the School Council, staff and governors have shared their ideas around the motto “Together we Try”

We share our motto with the children through assemblies, in lessons and in everything we do at school.  “Together we Try” is displayed around the school and has become part and parcel of school life.



At our school, we want to develop the whole child through the provision of an outstanding education, delivered by inspiring people, working together in a vibrant and stimulating environment. On leaving Moira our children will be lifelong learners, equipped to achieve their full potential.  They will aspire to excel, enjoy challenge, have respect for themselves and empathy for others.


Together We Try


Trustworthy, to treat others how we want to be treated

Opinions; to listen to and accept other views

Goals; to achieve and accomplish our goals

Engage in our learning and keep going!

Tolerance of others, to work as a team together

Helpful and to hear what people have to say

Enjoy learning, be enthusiastic!

Respectful, resourceful and responsible at all times!