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Supporting Bereaved Families

Supporting Bereaved Families.


By the age of sixteen, one in every twenty-nine children or young person will experience the bereavement of a parent or sibling. Furthermore, 78% will report being bereaved of someone to whom they were close by the age of 16. Other children will experience the loss of a loved one through altered home circumstances, such as family breakdown. 1.

How we handle bereavement varies from person to person. Factors such as the circumstances of the person’s death as well as the child’s level of understanding about death will be contributory factors on the level of support needed. At Moira, we recognise that bereavement can have a significant impact on a child’s future wellbeing and can offer practical advice and signpost places of support to bereaved families.

Often being at school at such times, can provide the child with safety and routine when everything else in their lives can seem to have changed. In other words, whilst supporting the child sensitively, school also gives a sense of normality. Should you have any questions about this or wish to inform the school of a bereavement, please contact Mrs Coates, Mrs Santy, Miss Johnson or your child’s class teacher.


Places for support:

Childhood Bereavement Network:


The Child Bereavement Charity:

Winston’s Wish:

The Laura Centre:

CRUSE bereavement care:


Young Minds:


1. Bereavement in Primary Schools: A Guide,  Wellbeing Education.