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In September 2020, we introduced the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) across the school (Y1-6). This curriculum has been designed by teachers with a passion for Computing and enables primary schools to deliver high quality and up to date Computing content.


A brief overview of our long term plan is below:

Computing at Moira Primary School


How Computing is organised at Moira?

We teach our children about Computing through a balance of dedicated Computing lessons and cross curricular activities; for example using Powerpoint to present knowledge around a historical topic.


How do we make sure that all children have Computing knowledge?


Our curriculum builds carefully upon children's prior understanding and ensures that there are opportunities for children to use their previous  learning as they move through our school.


We use a digital portfolio to record some of our children's learning in Computing but also record in our topic books, if this work links into cross curricular learning.


How do we teach children about online safety?


All children start each academic year with a whole unit of Computing which is devoted to online safety. This is followed up during whole school assemblies, Anti-bullying week and then, in February, through our E-safety Week.

We also look at how to keep safe online through our PSHE curriculum.


How do we assess in Computing?


We use teacher assessment to gauge children's attainment in Computing. 


How can parents help their children to learn more about Computing?


There are lots of resources that can help parents to investigate Computing and keeping safe online with their children.



Be Internet Awesome Resources