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Moira Primary School ‘Learning Together’

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Our Curriculum



We are committed to raising standards and aspire to enable each child to reach their full potential through our ambitious curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Our curriculum has been carefully considered and sequenced to equip children with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be successful in the future. It includes opportunities to learn about different cultures, global issues, and social responsibilities, fostering empathy and open-mindedness. Lessons are designed to enhance memory retention, expand vocabulary and apply knowledge.

We recognise that learning extends beyond the classroom and therefore we strive to provide enrichment opportunities that engage learners, develop cultural capital​ and raise aspirations.

Our School Values underpin our broad and balanced curriculum:

  • Kindness guides our interactions, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.
  • Healthiness promotes physical and emotional well-being, enabling students to learn effectively and embrace challenge with resilience.
  • Creativity encourages innovative thinking and self-expression.
  • Adventurousness instils a sense of exploration and wonder.
  • Curiosity encourages children to ask questions and drives a thirst for knowledge and a lifelong love of learning.

Community is at the heart of our school. We regularly welcome families and visitors to facilitate learning new skills, share new experiences and celebrate achievements.

We are committed to promoting equality and inclusion throughout our curriculum. We ensure that all students have equal access to opportunities, resources, and support, and that diverse voices are represented in our learning materials.


‘Learning Together’

Further Information

Please visit our subject specific pages to find out more information about our curriculum.

If you have further questions, please speak to your class teacher.