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This half term our topic is WW2. Our literacy learning is very closely linked, writing evacuee stories and then we will write explanation texts, again linked to WW2.

Topic week will began on the 9th October which we kicked off with our trip to Cannock Chase Museum. Children experienced what life was like during the war and also learn about how it impacted on individuals and the countries involved. During this week, we were developing our historical enquiry skills whilst finding out about an area of interest to ourselves.

We have a topic home learning project which is due in at the end of this half term. I know the children are already researching and beginning to put ideas down. Please keep this going and be creative with your ideas for the topic.

Cannock Chase Museum

Cannock Chase Museum began Topic Week in a brilliant way. We found out about what life was like during WW2 for people in the UK. This meant taking on board lots of information including things like: thinking about jobs and roles of different people, rationing, air raids and evacuation.

In addition to the trip, we have been very busy this week trying to find out as much as possible about WW2. In maths we looked at rationing for a family and how much meals would cost for a week (including luxuries like sweets).

In literacy we have written our explanation texts linking to the war. Titles include: Roles of Women in WW2, How to stay safe during an air raid, How the Spitfire was a phenomena, How rationing worked and How tanks were used in war.

We learnt about The Holocaust and the impact of Nazi beliefs on allied and axis countries and the people in there. We found that over 6,000,000 Jewish people were killed purely because of their beliefs and they didn't fit Hitler's ideal German criteria for his Aryan race.

We have also been creative. We learnt about propaganda and how this linked to the Holocaust. We sketched ideas and made our own propaganda posters. The we thought about the 'Make Do and Mend' campaign. We started to make our own rug with pom-poms and will hopefully build on this using clothing rags to finish it off.

Although we have done lots of hard work on WW2 this week, we will continue the theme in our learning next week.

'Make Do and Mend' - Pom Pom Rug Making

Science- Milk to Cheese Experiment

In science, we linked the idea of rationing to cheese making from milk. We investigated the best milk to use to make the best (or most) cheese. We found that full-fat milk was best, due to its fat content.

WW2 Half-Term Homework Projects

We have some great topic homework projects coming in. We really enjoyed trying Rosie's Wartime Carrot Cake, where there was reduced sugar used and carrots included instead to add to the sweetness and replace the missing sugar which was rationed.

Well done on all of the projects coming in. Thank you to everyone who has got involved and immersed themselves in this topic. We would also like to thank Dylan's Grandma who took the time out to be interviewed by Dylan and shared her war experiences. We would love to share the video, however the video size is too large... If you would like to see it though, please pop in and ask. We found out so much from this.

Topic Home-learning Project