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Who's Who

At Moira Primary School we have a highly dedicated, hard working and skilled team who all work tirelessly to provide the best possible experience for your child. They are very approachable and build excellent relationships with pupils and families. Please read on to find out more.

Headteacher - (Tuesday - Friday)

I am Karen Hambleton and I am the headteacher of Moira. I have been a head for 8 years and really enjoy being part of the Moira team. My two gorgeous (I am biased!!) children are my pride and joy so I love spending quality time with them and my husband. As a creative person who loves music, theatre and films I spend much of my 'relaxing time' rehearsing with a local theatre group or singing with our vocal group 'fusion'. There is nothing better than visiting the theatre with my friends and family so I try to make time for that when I can. Also being a bit of a 'foody' I do enjoy creating recipes and putting on a good party!



Acting Headteacher - (Monday)

My name is Vicky Santy and I teach in Year Three. I love children's book sand sharing them with my class. You will always be able to hear us telling our latest story with actions!  Out of school I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. Together we enjoy our beach holidays, camping, days out, baking and an occasional run! I was very lucky to live on a farm as I grew up and this has given me a love of animals and the countryside (tractor driving is fun but not my strong point!) At home we have a cat called Tigs and two guinea pigs called Poppy and Bubbles to keep us company!


Deputy Headteacher

My name is Danielle Lewis and I teach in year 4. I live with my husband and 2 children and we have a few pets - Ted the dog, Fluffy the cat, Ernie the tortoise, four chickens (Deirdre, Priscilla, Hyacinth and Flower) and Mr & Mrs Fish. My favourite colour is pink and my favourite foods are Cadbury's chocolate and baked beans (not at the same time).






My name is Lydia Leeson and I am the SENCo here at Moira Primary School. I live with my husband Andrew and our gorgeous little boy James. I love going on holiday to our home in Scotland and visiting my many cousins there! in my spare time I enjoy cooking (although I'm not very good at it!) and meeting up with friends in Costa!








I'm Claire Wilsher and I teach in EYFS. In my free time I love to be outdoors on walks in the countryside. I also like to bake cakes, try out different recipes and I enjoy going to the cinema. I used to be very sporty and played rugby for a long time, but I enjoy just watching it now. I love cats and spoil mine lots!





Hi, my name is Miss Meer and I teach in Reception.

I love reading and my favourite books are the Harry Potter series and Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

I love the outdoors and my favourite times are spent walking, especially in the Peak District.

I am a huge Elvis Presley fan. I love all of his songs and my ambition is to visit his home, Graceland one day!



My name is Mandy Bourne and I teach in Year 1. At the weekend I travel across the Midlands, supporting my three girls play hockey. I stand on the side lines wrapped up in three tops, two pairs of trousers, two jumpers, two pairs of socks, a woolly hat, a pair of gloves and a very warm coat. Secretly, I am crossing my fingers and hoping there will be no broken bones.







Hello, I am Deb Johnson and I teach in Year 2.  At the weekend, I love to watch Leicester City play some magnificent football or walk my slightly naughty dog. She is called Daisy.  I love eating flying saucers and ice gems but I'm not fond of cheese or spicy food. If you listen really carefully you may hear me shouting "YIPPEE!" when my class have been superstars.




My name is Carly Butterworth and I am currently on maternity leave. I am a little bit obsessed with penguins so will never turn down a trip to the zoo! At home, I live with my husband and our two guinea-pigs: Choc and Chip. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have pet penguins otherwise I would have two of those instead!

P.E and French are my favourite subjects. I enjoy playing netball, badminton and going to the gym. I also love baking, making crafts and going for walks. I sometimes watch LCFC play too!



Hi, I'm Craig Mousley, and realise that this photograph makes me look like I have a big forehead (it never used to be that large...or shiny come to that). I'm a local lad , Swadlincote born and raised, and currently live in Overseal with my lovely wife and my beautiful little girl - Ella.

I currently teach Team 4. Over time you will come to learn that I'm quite clumsy and forgetful ... which often gets me into embarrassing predicaments (NONE of which will be shared here). I started teaching in 2008, at a nearby village school. It was a small school (65 children) and taught both the Reception/Year 1 class, and the Year 2/3/4 class. I had a short break from school life in 2014, when I worked at the nursery in which my daughter attended. This allowed me to gain experience and understanding of the teaching and learning of pre-school age children in addition to my experience with primary aged children.




My name is Annie Lindsay and I teach in year 5. I enjoy going travelling to new destinations. My favourite place I have been to so far is New York City. One day I would love to travel around the USA on a big adventure. I have so much fun teaching in Team 5, especially during our topic weeks!




My name is Mrs Hobbs and I am class teacher in Year 6. I love sport, which is why I am always getting children involved in different clubs and competitions, but my favourite is running. I have completed 7 marathons with my best time in 3 hours 24 minutes. You will normally find me running around trying to get different jobs done or outside whenever possible.

I have a little boy called Eric who is always dancing and causing trouble along with my two dogs Buddy and Molly.



Support Staff


I am Mrs Perry and I am the teaching assistant in Year 6. I also look after the school library. Having worked at Moira Primary School for the last 5 years I think I  know my way around by now and love working with all of the pupils here. I have 2 boys of my own -Harry and Ethan-  plus a cocker spaniel dog who is called Villa (as in Aston Villa!) I like watching my 2 sons when they play football as well.  Before I came to Moira I was a nurse, working in hospitals and in the local community. I love to read and doing arts and crafts at school is one of my favourite things to do.


My name is Carolyn Wigstead. I love travelling and exploring new places, relaxing at home with my family, spending time with friends and walking my dog.






Hi, my name is Sally Rees and I like to spend my free time with family and friends. I love walking, swimming and enjoy travelling to other countries to learn about their culture and traditions. At home there is nothing better than whiling away a few hours in the garden or on a dreary day, baking. To relax I enjoy films and listening to music, mainly dance music and it's not unheard of for my children to tell me to, "turn that music down!" One of my ambitions is to learn how to scuba dive and travel to Australia and dive off the Great Barrier Reef.


Hi, I'm Mandy Smith and I love spending quality time with my close family and friends. we meet as often as possible and enjoy eating out, playing pool and going on activity days out together. Recently we went on a Segway ride together through the Forest at Cannock Chase. I also enjoy gardening, walking, sightseeing, holidays abroad, listening to music and going to concerts.




I'm Pam Burgess. when I'm not singing in school, or eating ice-cream, I may be singing in church or with a small group of friends.







I am Kathy van Heezik and I work with the reception children. I love being in the company of my family and friends and going on holidays. I enjoy many simple pleasures in life - cooking and baking; gardening and growing my own fruit and vegetables; arts and crafts and just creating in general.





Hey... My name is Mrs Goodey and I work in Year Two. I have two beautiful teenage daughters who are my world. I would describe myself as fun, loving and full of life and have a few things on my "Bucket List."  I have dreams of meeting Micheal Buble, visiting the berlin Christmas market, driving a double decker bus and floating through the streets of Venice on a Gondola, maybe with a Cornetto in my hand! I love cooking, swimming and buying handbags! My favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognaise and I can't eat Lamb.



I am Mrs Wainwright and I currently working 2 days per week supporting all classes in different ways. I have 3 boys at home who are the best! In my spare time I spend a lot of it attending motor cross races with my boys. If I am not doing that I enjoy spending time with family and friends.






Office Staff


My name is Sarah Marriott and I work in the school office. I spend most of my time at school answering the telephone, writing letters and looking after visitors. At home I love spending time with my family, going to Zumba and eating chocolate. My favourite film is The Wizard of Oz!  




Premises Officer


My name is Alan Satchwell, for the past four years I have been the premises officer at Moira Primary School. I have lived in Moira for over 60 years and I went to the old Moira School on Measham Road! I am Married to Amanda and we have twin sons and five grandchildren. I enjoy course fishing but my favourite pastime is training and working gundogs; which I have been doing for well over forty years. I spend hours in the national forest, just me and the dogs.




Lunchtime Supervisors


Hi, My name is Ann Guest and I'm part of the lunchtime team. When I'm not at school I like to go walking and listening to music, which I dance around the house to. I have 2 cats that are crazy just  like me ...... I also like anything unicorn themed.





My name is Miss Whitehurst and I am one of the lunchtime supervisors here at Moira Primary School. I have been working here since August 2014 and really enjoy my time here in school. I like keeping busy and often attend school trips or help out in the office.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My favourite film of all time is the Lion King and my favourite things to eat are sweets!




My name is Jodie Stewart. I am a lunchtime supervisor. I love having fun with all the kids at lunch time and making them smile. At home I have 3 boys and we all love going on walks and playing/watching football.






Hi, I'm tracey Guest. I'm part of the lunchtime team. I love listening to music, reading and doing some crocheting. I love animals and have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits and a parrot that talks more than me., but my favourite animal is an owl. I love anything magical and mystical especially fairies.




Hi, my name is Joanne Cunningham and I am one of the lunchtime supervisors here at Moira Primary School. I really enjoy doing crafty things and having fun with the children. When I am not at school I like to up-cycle old furniture. My weekends are spent on the side lines watching my 2 sons play football.




Hello! My name is Carol Milner and I am one of the lunchtime supervisors here at Moira Primary School. I really enjoy entertaining and engaging with the children when I am at school. At home I enjoy spending time with my children and going on lots of adventures!