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WB: 29.06.20 - 06.07.20

This Talk for Writing unit is all about Unicorns. We have already completed some learning about Unicorns in school and your writing was fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing what you write this time!

I have broken the activities down but you may choose to organise it differently. 

Day 1: Invent your own mythical beast/Model text - read and listen to the text

Day 2: Words, words, words/Shades of meaning

Day 3: Read and understand/Spellings

Day 4: Grammar

Day 5: Short-burst writing - poetry

Day 6: Short-burst writing - potion instructions

Day 7: Fun with dens!

Days 8-10: Gathering ideas - innovation/Boxing up (with plan)/Plan your unicorn information page and write your own text.

Now, it's the summer holiday!

I planned this work before the Talk for Writing unit was released! It gives you a choice of writing tasks over the next 2 weeks. This planning from a website called 'Once Upon a Picture.' You have a picture and then some questions to answer about the picture and sometimes the title. You may want to answer all the questions or choose the ones that are of interest to you. Please share your learning on our Class Dojo!