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Moira Primary School ‘Together We Try’

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WB: 15.06.20

This Talk for Writing unit is all about the Lock down. There are lots of different types of poems in this unit for you to enjoy. I have planned the activities over 2 weeks but it may take longer.

I have broken the activities down but you may choose to organise it differently. 

Day 1: Listen to poems and sort words

Day 2:  Word pictures - using similes

Day 3: What are you? Using metaphors

Day 4: Out of the window - eye spy, I didn't know I'd miss.... and Wishes

Day 5: A quick warm up before reading on.

Day 6: Lock down poem and what do the words mean?

Day 7: What words and ideas do you remember?

Day 8: What did the poem make you think about?

Day 9: Activity - spot the alliteration/Let's get creative! The personification game.

Day 10: Let's innovate! Your turn!