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WB: 01-06-20

Here is another Talk for Writing unit! This time it is all about the jungle which I thought you might enjoy after our topic last half term. There are more activities but I have planned it over 2 weeks - if it takes longer that is fine! I have broken it down but you may choose to organise it differently. 

Day 1: Watch video - The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Read diary, discuss words. Draw a picture to match given words and complete the synonyms.

Day 2:  Anything Else? What can you remember now?

Day 3: Jungle Comprehension

Day 4/5: Read the list poem (remember we have written one in school about a magic box), plan your own poem and write it!

Day 6: Let's be Explorers!

Day 7: Your log - plan your diary

Day 8: Now for some grammar.....

Day 9/10: Write your own log/diary

An extra challenge: One final mission: Studying a Soupee bird - instructions.