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Team 6

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Year 6 is a very important year in education for these children. Not only do they have SATs, but it is their final year at primary and so we spend time getting them secondary ready. We have really high expectations and look forward to the children rising to challenge and striving to reach their potential.



We began a session with a random object on the table. The children had to recreate what was in front of them. As they did, we noted down some of the responses to the challenge...

'It's impossible', 'This is so annoying', 'I hate this', 'What even is this?' 'I give up', 'I don't get it.' To name a few. When they started to succeed, there was lots of excitement and some even said they felt a sense of relief.

We discussed our feelings about when things weren't going to plan and decided on alternative things we could say to help us succeed and not give in.


During transition, we were able to go into the woodland area and develop our teamwork skills. We made friendship bracelets and woodland 'creatures' (fairies/elves/pixies etc...) dens- small scale- and had lots of fun.