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Team 5

Thank you for all your support this year. Goodbye Team 5 2018 - 2019! Have a safe, happy and restful summer :) Miss Lindsay & Mrs Cook

It's 'Health and Wellbeing' week at Moira - our 'Dance Through the Decades' workshop got us moving and it was an amazing experience! #zest

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Applying our reasoning skills to simple computer programming. Observing outputs and detecting errors in our input. #reasoning

Comparing different interpretations of the three 'wierd sisters' from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' #communication #questioning

Science Fair 2019! #love of learning #zest #questioning #communication

Devloping our accurate measuring skills. We supported eachother when learning to use a protractor was a bit tricky! #teamwork #resilience #improving

Identifying the countries that make up the North American continent. We also explored the states found within the USA to support our response to 'Why is climate so varied in the USA?'

We had a fantastic time learning about other people's faith, during our visit to The Open Centre in Derby.

Analysing plant structures in science. #questioning #love of learning

This week we have been exploring persuasive adverts...

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The theme for British Science Week this year is 'Journeys' - Team 5 have been investigating the link between neurons in our brain, and scientific journeys....

Forensic Science Workshop

Happy World Book Day from Team 5!

What physical and spirtitual strengths help us on the journey of life? We've been linking our own experiences to the Five Pillars of Islam.

We've been busy at Forest School! #independence #teamwork

Spring Term 2 Topic Week!

Our trip to the Pop Art exhibition at Wolverhampton Gallery!

Our current maths and literacy topics. We are exploring formal written methods of division, and developing how we structure and punctuate speech in our narrative writing.

This week we have been comparing square and cube numbers #teamwork #reasoning

Investigating the effects of air resistance - which parachute will provide the safest drop? #questioning #love of learning

Comparing the effect of gravity pulling on objects. Making links between weight and mass. #teamwork #questioning


Detailed character descriptions (we love using the descriptosaurus!)

Keeping active and making the most of the autumn sunshine, during our daily mile.

Earthquake Engineering #teamwork #creativity #communication

Will the structure survive the jelly test?

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Simulating Seismic Activity #love of learning #questioning

Investigating Multiples and Factors

Team 5 have been exploring multiples and factors this week. They have been recognizing and explaining patterns that they have identified. We think they did a fantastic job! #zest #improving

Our school councillers in action. #independence #respect #teamwork

Man or Monster? What kind of man was Henry VIII?

Team 5 started our topic week off by solving the mystery of the skeleton in the car-park. They made links between lots of visual clue to hypothesize who this mystery skeleton could belong to? They then brought the Battle of Bosworth to life through some fantastic freeze-frames.

Wow, we were so impressed with the skills and #character strengths that Team 5 showed in this session! After being given a mystery sealed envelop and a blank sheet of paper, Team 5 were tasked with making links between all the artefacts given in order to work out what our next Talk for Writing topic would be.


They were given maps, spices, candles, gold coins and photographs. They #communicated brilliantly as #teams and recorded their ideas on their sheets. Thanks to some fantastic #reasoning and #questioning - a number of teams figured it out! Over the next few weeks, linked to our Tudor topic, we will be learning about the voyage of Sir Francis Drake.

In science, Team 5 have been asking questions about the solar system. In this session, they were comparing theories of planetary movement. They showed fantastic #zest, #communication and #teamwork when explaining their existing understanding of technical vocabulary.

Can Team 5 distinguish between fact, belief and opinion? In RE, Team 5 have been investigating why some people think God exists and exploring the concept of belief. They analysed newspaper articles to identify evidence of 'good' and 'bad' news to support the arguments for and against the existence of God.


They used #communication and #teamwork to compare statements and categorise them.

Welcome to our class page for Team 5 2018/19 smiley

This page will be updated weekly throughout each term, documenting our learning over the year.

You can also find information about home learning, spellings and maths support.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Miss Lindsay.