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Team 5

(28/09/20) This week, during whole class reading, we have been focusing on pronoun tracking and making links to different characters within the text. We read the opening chapter of M.G Leonard's 'Beetle Boy'. Next, we applied this skill in a different context - the lyrics to 'Eleanor Rigby'.

(10/09/20) We have been working scientifically this week by taking accurate measurements to investigate the effect of gravity! Lots of maths skills this week - as well as accurate measuring in science, we also spent time ensuring we were ready to progress by recapping our rounding skills - always useful to activate our prior knowledge!

(04/09/20) What a busy week we have had! From finding out about the 'terror' that arrived in Britain on June 8th 793, to why King Alfred is regarded as 'Great' among many historians!

(28/08/20) Welcome back! What a pleasure it has been to invite the children back in to our classrooms! We had a busy few days back with lots of activities linked to physical and emotional well-being. We launched balloon rockets, built #teamwork towers that almost touched the ceiling and of course we enjoyed time outside!