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Team 3

Remote Learning Provisions and Expectations

Science Workshop - we went into Space!

World Book Day 2020

We enjoyed our E safety workshop where we pretended to be superheroes to solve everyday problems. We were fantastic at it!

This half term our topic is 'Who is L.S.Lowry?' We have enjoyed our learning!

We were very proud of Team 3 at the Christmas Performance!

Turtle art - we worked in teams!

We have really enjoyed our topic week - 'Beyond the Magic Kingdom - What is the Sunshine State really like?' As a starting point, we watched a video about the Magic Kingdom and discussed what we had found out. Together we looked at the map of the Magic Kingdom and decided on a route we would take to visit different attractions. Through this topic we have located different countries on a world map and discussed Florida and the United States of America in more detail. Through art, we are learning about patterns, which we will then use to paint our own sea turtle picture. Sea turtles are endangered and we have found out what this means. The floor book pictures so how hard we have worked this week. Well done Team 3!

Topic week - What is the Sunshine State really like?

We practised carrying a beacon and throwing spears!

We are learning about rocks in science.

All about me - our brown bags!

All about me - brown bags part 2!