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Team 2

Tally charts, Block Charts, Scales and Sweets - we love maths!

Virtual Reality

We had an amazing time exploring the universe using virtual reality head sets.  We were really excited to learn about the planets using this technology.

World Book Day - Team 2 were dressed to impress.

Spring 2 - Art Topic Week

Spring 2 started with Topic Week.  Our big question was 'What was Georgia O'Keeffe trying to tell us with her paintings?'  We had a fantastic week developing our skills and knowledge of colour, line, tone, shade as well as learning how to use a viewfinder.

LOROS Fundraising

Multiplication and Division with Sweetie Arrays

Spring 1 Topic Week - Science

The new year started with the arrival of lonely ladybird searching for a new home.  We investigated our school grounds looking for minibeasts, thought about food chains, learnt new words such as herbivore and omnivore and worked as a team to research different world habitats.

A Christmas Journey - Ashby Methodist Church

Maths Puzzle Workshop

Multi-Sports at Hermitage Leisure Centre.

Fabulous Home Learning

As one of our home learning options, some of the children decided to make a freeze frame or model from their favourite book.  They have all done a great job.  I wonder if you know which books the scenes are from?

RE - How would you build up someone who was feeling down?

We have read the story of 'The Good Samaritan' from the Bible.  We thought about ways of building people up.  Each block has a word written upon it which would help to build someone up.  The children had great ideas...ask the person if they were alright, show respect, show love, hold their hand or give them a hug.  What fabulous compassion and empathy demonstrated.

Investigating different materials.

Rain drops keep falling on my head...a visit to Forest School

In our Science lesson, Team 2 helped Miss Johnson with a problem she has with her new puppy...little puddles!  We looked at different materials and compared how absorbent they are so Miss Johnson can use the most effective material.

Little Puddles - Comparing materials.

Topic Week - The Great Fire of London