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Staying Safe

Team Moira we broken heart you!

We have added this page so you can learn about keeping yourself safe online. 

Somewhere to come to find help and report things that are inappropriate or unacceptable.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to always tell a trusted adult too!

Does the news worry or upset you?

Sadly the world isn’t always a happy place.

Sometimes bad things happen - such as viruses, people fighting, earthquakes and floods.

Sometimes sad things happen - such as lockdowns and the death of someone celebrated.

You may see pictures of these things on the news and watching and listening to what happened may make you feel worried or upset, that's fine! It's completely normal.  It's what humans do - CARE!!!


If you feel upset, it’s SO important to talk to someone.  You may want to talk to your teacher, your mum or dad or guardian or another trusted grown-up that you know well.  They will help you understand what is happening. Please don’t be afraid to ask them questions, they will do their VERY best to explain and help you!


We (us wrinkly, boring, 'out-of-touch' adults) really do get it. We were your age once. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about these things. Understandable.  You may feel scared or embarrassed.  Again understandable!


But you are young and still learning about the world...the HUGE world that has many faiths and cultures, and as many differences as it has similarities!  It may help to write about what you have seen or to draw pictures about what has happened if you find it hard to talk. This may help a grown-up find out what you thinking and struggling with.


Remember that your friends may be feeling upset too.  You can be very helpful by listening to what they have to say.


But it’s very important to remember that these things don’t happen very often. AND it’s very likely that nothing like this will ever happen to you.


...BUT  please, PlEaSe, PLEASE, PLEASE  (so many grammar laws broken there to get the message across) to a trusted adult if anything is playing on your mind, keeping you up at night, making you sad, angry or worried!



You are loved. 

You are safe.

You are strong

You are Team Moira! heart