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Roy Lichtenstein

Cartoons, comics and big bangs! Explore the explosive art of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Start your journey by clicking the link below!


Activity 1 - Ben Day Dots

Have a go at replicating some of Roy Lichtenstein's art using 'Ben Day' dots. Look carefully at the colours used and how solid colour, Ben Day dots and lines are used. You can use the sheets provided or have a go at creating your own!

Activity 2 - WHAAM!

Lichtenstein is famous for his use of cartoon strips from American comic books, which were very popular the 1950s. He admired the skill of the comic book artist, who could create complex stories of love and war in cartoon form.

A feature of his comic inspired art were uses of onomatopoeic words. These are words that sound like what they are describing. Think... BOOM! SPLAT! CLANK! BANG! SPLASH! Can you think of any more?



Create your own onomatopoeic art, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. Use the resources below if you are stuck for ideas!