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Welcome to Reception Class!


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Our Letter Formation Information Pack

This week we have been learning our numberbonds 10.  We used a tens frame to explore all the different ways we could make 10.  We have also been thinking about 2D shapes!  We made shape monsters using lots of different shapes and then we named and described the shapes we used.

We changed our story to Billy's Box and inside the box, we decided he had dinosaurs!  We then found out about different dinosaurs and then we made dinosaur footprints using sponges and paint!

In PE we were learning to throw overarm.  We practised with a partner and then we had to aim at some wickets and try to knock them down - we were fantastic at it!

We had an amazing time making boats on the creative table and then testing them in our water tray to see if they floated or sank!

Week Beginning 10.6.19

This week we invited our parents into our classroom to show them our Talk for Writing lessons.  We started off by retelling the story of Billy's Bucket using our story map and actions.  We then helped Billy make a list of the sea creatures he had in his bucket.  Then we completed lots of activities - from painting the sea creatures, to making a birthday card for Billy and writing him a message!  We even wrote sentences inside speech bubbles about things Billy would say.  We really enjoyed showing our parents all the fantastic things we can do!
This week we went to Forest School!  We had a fantastic time playing hide and seek in the trees.  We then played a game called 'Fill My Bucket!'  We were given a bucket and we could put anything we found interesting while we were exploring the forest.  We then worked together to make dens and we had our snack time in the dens we made!  We found out about a very special 'spittle bug'.  We learned how to find it in among the 'spittle' found on some plants.  It was fascinating! 

This week we have been developing our map skills!  We looked at a map of Little Red Riding Hood's village and used the key to find out about all the different places on the map.  We gave instructions to our partner to move a figure from one place to another on the map.  We weren't allowed to just say, 'Go there!' and point, we had to explain carefully what they needed to do.  We then had a walk around our school and took some photos of interesting places.  We then used these photos to make a map of our school!

We had a very exciting finish to our topic 'Who lives in the woods?'  We listened to a story about a teddy bears' picnic and then we found out we were going to have a teddy bears' picnic in our woodland area!  We wrote invitations to teddy bears and decorated plates for our biscuits.  We then went into the woodland area, with a teddy each, to have a drink and a biscuit!  We had a lovely time!

This week we received a letter from the woodcutter telling us that the tree the wolf has built his den under is due to be chopped down!  We then spent some time finding out how important trees are and decided to help the wolf save it. We thought of things we could do and decided to make ‘Save the tree’ posters and write a letter to the Tree Removal Officer. 

We were so happy when we received an email from the Tree Removal Officer telling us the tree had been saved!  We sent cards to the wolf telling him the good news. 

We have also had a very creative week thinking about trees.  We went up to our woodland area and made observational drawings of the trees we could see.  We also spent time doing bark rubbings and looking at the patterns they made.  We looked at a beautiful tree painting by Henri Rousseau and had a go at reproducing it ourselves.

This week we went on a very special trip to Anker wood!  We had to go on a coach to get there!  It was very exciting!

The first thing we did was go on a minibeast hunt!  We got to explore the woods and see how many different minibeasts we could find.  We put them in a pot to look at and then we carefully put them back.

Next we met the animals!  We saw goats, pigs, donkeys, but the best parts were when we were allowed to hold a chicken, and when we could get a kiss from an alpaca! 

After that we very carefully washed our hands (twice!) and sat down to enjoy our lunch.  It was delicious!

Then we got to explore the mazes and find the silver tower which was hidden somewhere in the maze!  We were fantastic at solving the mazes!

Finally we went on a wild walk to see some chipmunks and go on a tree top walk.  We were so high up we could see the tops of the trees!

We then got back on the coach and came back to school.  What an amazing day!

This week we had a fantastic time working together as a team to build dens for the Big Bad Wolf in our Woodland Area. 

On Thursday we invited our parents for a Stay and Play afternoon.  Our parents joined in a Maths Mastery lesson all about adding one to a teens number.  They joined in our carpet session and then helped us complete lots of activities to develop our understanding!  It was great fun!

This week has been topic week! We have begun our 'Who lives in the woods?' topic by spending lots of time exploring our woodland area in our wellies!  

We used our different senses to look, listen, feel and smell the different features of the woods.

We then went on a minibeast hunt, to find who lives in our woods!  We looked under logs and twigs and found lots of different minibeasts.  We looked at the minibeasts we found, learned their names and body parts and then carefully put them back.

This week has been all about Easter!  We have developed our understanding of the Easter Story - and learned the days of the week in the process! 

We have had some egg-citing maths activities!  We made repeating patterns using Easter pictures and ordered Easter Eggs by size.  We also applied our knowledge of 2D shapes when making a shape chick!

We have been writing for different purposes this week - writing captions and labelling - and we have been learning to spell some tricky words!

We finished off our Easter week by making some special chocolate biscuits and eating them - yum!

This week we had a visit from Zoolab.  They brought some animals that originate from Africa and could be spotted on a Kenyan safari! 

We met :

Alan the giant African snail, who has two noses and normally lives in the rainforest. He has tiny teeth on his tongue and only eats plants.

Colin the hissing cockroach, who comes from Madagascar. He lives high up in the trees and hisses to keep himself safe.

Kermit the tree frog, who lives high up in the trees near a river. He has sticky little pads on his feet so that he can stick on to trees. He is green so that he is camouflaged amongst the leaves of the trees.

Gavin the giant African millipede, who likes to eat rotten food. He has got 280 legs.

Severus is a corn snake which is a constrictor snake and is very similar to the snakes in Africa.


We were allowed to look at, touch and hold most of the animals.  We had such a fantastic time!

This week we have continued with our story of 'Handa's Surprise' and our topic of Africa.  We have been finding out about some of the different animals we met in the story and have been taking part in Shared Reading activities relating to this. 

In Maths we have been thinking about the concept of 'half' as 'splitting into 2 equal parts'.  We have split objects, pictures and quantities into 2 equal parts and discussed what happened.

It has also been Science Week!   We have had a whole school focus on 'journeys', so in Reception we looked at the journey of chocolate!  We found out how chocolate starts off as cocoa beans from trees in Africa and eventually ends up in our shops!  We then used some shop bought chocolate to make chocolate cornflake cakes!  We discussed how heat and cold changed the chocolate.  We also enjoyed eating the cakes!  We had a fantastic workshop on Wednesday, where we learned about being forensic scientists looking for fingerprint and footprint evidence to work out who the criminal was! 

This week started with a fantastic visit from the author of the wonderful Ruffles books!  We had lots of fun acting out different storylines! 

We also had LOROS visit our school and we had a great time using the ladders for lots of different games. 

We have begun our Talk for Writing story - Handa's Surprise.  We have listened to the story, acted out the story using stick puppets and a story map, and we have completed lots of fun creative activities stemming from the story.  Our favourite was when we tried the different fruits from the story and described how they tasted.  We also asked our friends their favourite fruit and tallied the results. 

On World Book Day we all dressed up as our favourite book character and shared lots of stories.  We even had a special visitor read a story to us!

In Maths Mastery we have been thinking about the number 9.  We have discussed the different ways we can represent nine and we have used our knowledge of 9 in lots of different problem solving situations.

Week Beginning 25.2.19

We have had a fantastic start to our new half term! We have begun our new topic ‘What would I see on a Kenyan Safari?’ and we have spent this week immersing ourselves in Kenya. We have learned about the Masai Tribe, and made homes similar to theirs for us to play with in our small world area. We learned about the bright and vibrant colours Masai people like to wear and painted special necklaces in these colours.

We researched lots about Africa using our computers and books and discussed what we had found out.

We looked at photographs of a beautiful sunset in Africa and described the colours as ‘hot’ colours. We then mixed these colours carefully and applied them to our paper using rollers. When the paint dried we painted trees and stuck on silhouettes of African animals. The paintings looked amazing!

We talked about different animals that live in Africa. We looked at the patterns some of these animals have on their fur. This led into a discussion about camouflage.

In PE we are beginning to develop our tennis skills. We have learned to balance our tennis ball on a racquet. We also rolled a ball to our partner who stopped it by putting the racquet on top!

We had a fabulous finish to our half term!  We carried on our cinema theme and looked at simple addition involving buying cinema tickets and popcorn! 

We needed to think how our villain, Evil Hotdog, was going to get caught and we designed lots of ways of capturing him using junk modelling.  We retold our story to our partners and we even used full stops!

We decided to end the week with a cinema experience.  We made and decorated purses and put £6 inside.  We then used our purses to buy a cinema ticket, and gave our ticket to the 'usher' who showed us to our seats.  We then watched a movie and ate popcorn that we had made earlier in the day!

How exciting!

This week we have changed our Supertato story!  We now have Superticket as our hero and Evil Hotdog as the villain!  Our story now takes place in a cinema!  We have had lots of fun making a class cinema, with puppets to act out movies.  We have painted pictures of Evil Hotdog and written what we think will happen to Superticket .

We have also turned our outside area into a Superhero training ground and used it to apply our skills of counting and ordering numbers to 8.

In our PE lessons we had fun performing a Chinese New Year dance and also developed our rolling skills.

In Maths we learned about different representations of numbers to 8 and ordered the representations and numerals.

Week Beginning 28.1.19

This week we have been thinking about squares and rectangles. We have been looking for different examples in our environment and discussing their features. We looked at Henri Matisse’s painting ‘The Snail’ and identified the shapes within it.

We have also been thinking of different ways to keep ourselves healthy like our Superheroes. We have learned about different food groups and the effects they have on our bodies and thought about how important it is to have a variety of these foods to make a healthy meal.

This week we have been continuing our ‘Supertato’ theme. We have made superheroes out of different materials, including playdoh, and used our labelling skills to write their names.

We made superhero puppets and made a puppet theatre to act out different superhero events!

We have used paint to create vegetable pictures. We thought about the colours we wanted to use and used line and colour to add special details.

As part of our talk for writing, we have been learning how to construct and write sentences. We have been practising using finger spaces to separate our words when we are writing sentences.

We have spent time developing our collaborative play in the role play area café. We learned how to ask our customers what they wanted to order, we wrote the order down, then made the food and gave it to the customer. The customer then ate their food and paid for it!

This week we have been reading the story of ‘Supertato’; the super hero potato!

We came into school to find some poor vegetables had been tied up, drawn on and plastered to a train track! It must have been the work of Evil Pea! We wrote to Supertato and asked him to rescue them!

Next, Evil Pea wrote to us with a challenge! He had hidden 3 pictures of himself all around our classroom and gave us instructions to find them. We were very good at finding them! He then challenged us to hide pictures of him and write instructions for our friends to find him. We had a lot of fun!

We have enjoyed all kinds of ‘Supertato’ activities this week. We made our own vegetable superheroes and made vehicles for them to travel in. We also looked at different places in Moira and decided where might be a good place for Supertato to live. We then drew our ideas on a big map of Moira.

Superheroes have also helped us with our Maths this week. We have been learning to split into two smaller amounts. We had 7 superheroes who were called to help with a flood and a volcano! So the 7 superheroes had to split up to help both disasters! We then started to record our ideas.

We have been combining two numicon pieces and working out how many we had altogether. We then began to record this as a simple addition sentence.

What a fun start to our new term!

This week we have begun our Superhero topic! We started off by saying what we already knew about Superheroes and then decided on some questions that we would like to find out the answers to during our topic.

We then moved on to learning about real life Superheroes. We learned about doctors and nurses, vets, firefighters, guide dogs and police horses! We have been using our outside area to recreate lots of situations where we need to become these Superheroes to rescue each other!

We watched an episode of Fireman Sam and wondered how he kept his hands dry while using the hose to put fires out. We decided to test different gloves made out of paper, wool and rubber and decided which would be the best to keep his hands dry!

In Maths we have been learning about the number 7, and we have been counting on from different numbers to get to 7. When we count on we say the next number. We have also been comparing quantities using the terms fewer and more. We know that 3 biscuits is fewer than 7 biscuits!

In PE we had a lovely time with Mrs Butterworth, travelling in different ways and making different shapes with our bodies.

Reception has been very Christmassy this week! We have had a fun week of Christmas activities and treats!

On Tuesday we had a wonderful time at the pantomime in Loughborough seeing Beauty and the Beast.

On Thursday we all wore our Christmas jumpers and our specially made Christmas hats, while we enjoyed our Christmas dinner. Then we had a lovely Christmas party where we played party games like musical statues. We then had a biscuit and a drink and after that a very special guest came to visit us……. Santa!

On Friday we were treated to a special performance of Dick Whittington.

What a lovely week!

Merry Christmas everybody!

We have had a very exciting week this week! First, we discovered a big mess in our classroom and we had no idea who had made it. So we set up a camera and left it running overnight. The next morning we looked at the footage and saw that some elves had been playing in our classroom! We wrote letters to them asking them to please tidy up in future!

We also made wrapping paper for the elves using repeating patterns, we wrote our Christmas lists and posted them to Santa, we played elves in our small world area and outside we recreated the North Pole using tuff spots and our large construction!

We also designed our own toys, like elves do, then made them using our junk modelling.

On Friday we went to Forest School, for a Christmas treat. We made dens and explored the forest and then…. we had a camp fire! We watched Sam cook popcorn over the fire and listened to the sounds it made as it cooked. We then got to eat some! After a warming drink of hot chocolate, we very carefully roasted our own marshmallows over the fire and ate them. It was wonderful!

This week we have been continuing to think about our topic of light.  We wanted to know if light came from a mirror, so we explored mirrors and reflective surfaces using torches.  We also used a variety of different media to recreate Van Gogh's painting 'Starry Night'. Through discussion we showed that we had we have learned a lot about light sources.

We also continued to think about the moon.  We had a fantastic time in our moon tuff spot, moving moon buggies and we had great fun dressing up as astronauts and using our large construction and bike to play moon games!

In Maths we have been thinking about counting numbers that cannot be moved.  We have also continued our learning about 5, by making pentagons and turning them into rockets and houses!

We had fun playing a very special game of twister.  We needed to try to sound out and read the words stuck to the spots before we could put our hands and feet down!

Week Beginning 19.11.18

This week we have been thinking about the sun and the moon as sources of light. We had a lovely time following instructions to make moon playdoh. We also made stained glass baubles that will let the sunlight through.

Thank you for all the glass jars we received. We enjoyed turning these jars into beautiful lanterns, another source of light.

We have been writing for different purposes this week; labelling lights on and off, writing captions about the sun and writing 3 letter words.

We have been playing games to develop our sounding out and blending in order to read simple words and learning some words by sight.

In Maths, we have continued to think about the number 5 and the different ways of representing it.

This week we have enjoyed the story 'Peace at Last'.  We turned our role play area into the Bears' House and the next day we came to school to find muddy footprints!  We think it was Mr Bear!  We thought we would help him by being 'Noise Investigators' and warning him about anything that might keep him awake! 

We have had lots of fun on the computers making dinners and ice creams for the Bear Family.  We also drew pictures of the sounds that kept Mr Bear awake in each room of his house. 

 In Maths we been thinking about 5.  We played board games to familiarise ourselves with dice representations of number and we were 'Number Detectives' in the outside area, looking for hidden dice representations.   We also learned about ordering these representations from 1-5. 

At Forest School we had a fantastic time making dens and then we got eat our snack in the dens we made!

For Children in Need we dressed in our pyjamas and had a pyjama day!  We made beds on the Creative Table and thought about our bedtime routines. 

This week we have been thinking about Bonfire Night and Fireworks!  We have had lots of fun mark making different firework shapes in lots of different ways.  We used the computer, chalk outside and worked with our friends to make lots of fantastic shapes!  We also used the Creative Table in lots of exciting ways to make bonfire collages, firework pictures and rockets!

We have continued to learn about 4.  This week we have looked at the smaller numbers within 4.  We coloured in 4 rockets using 3 crayons and talked about how many there were of each colour.  We have also been thinking about 4 sided shapes - squares and rectangles - and used these shapes to make rockets!

We now have a dark den in our classroom.  This dark den will help us next week when we think more about our topic of Light.

This week we had our very first visit to Forest School!  We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the forest and climbing trees!  We played hide and seek in the forest.  The seekers learned to shout, "One, two, three where are you?" and the hiders had to reply, "One, two, three I am here!"

We also used the natural forest materials to build little homes for little animals.

We enjoyed our snack time as well!

During Welly Time we went on an Autumn Treasure Hunt.  We needed to find different amounts of different coloured leaves and tick them off on a checklist.  We then explored the leaves in the classroom and practised colour mixing to get the paint colours just right! 

We have been continuing to think about the number 3.  In particular, we learned that three is made up of smaller numbers.  We also learned that triangles have 3 sides and 3 corners.  We made our own triangles using a variety of lengths of paper.  We then created beautiful stars using 2 triangles and made the Big Bad Wolf using lots of different sized triangles.

We have been retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs using story maps and pictures from the story.

We now have some new special building bricks in our outside area, and we have really enjoyed building with them this week!

This week we have been thinking about the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.  We have been very creative!  We pretended to huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf, blowing paint through a straw, and created some wonderful pictures!  We also mixed red and white paint together to make pink, to paint little pigs.  We then used junk modelling to make little piggie houses.  We stuck on straw, sticks or bricks and made sure the houses had a door and window!

This week we have been thinking about the number three.  We have looked at the quantity of 3 and are beginning to make three from different starting points - like if we already have two, how can we make it into 3?

During Welly Time we explored the playground and woodland area looking for signs of Autumn and discussed them with our friends.

This week in Reception we have been learning about the number 2! We have learned what 2 looks like. We have found 2 objects from a larger number, we have drawn 2 objects and we are learning to recognise the numeral 2.

We have also been thinking about materials. In particular, the materials used in the story of the Three Little Pigs. On Tuesday we had Welly Time, when we went into our Woodland Area and gathered lots of sticks to build a house for the second little pig. We have used sticks, straw and bricks in our continuous provision this week, to familiarise us with the properties of these materials. We particularly enjoyed mark making with sticks in paint!

On Wednesday we had a special visitor to teach us all about lorry safety. We particularly enjoyed sitting in the cab of the lorry!

On Friday it was Little Piggie’s birthday! He is 2 years old! We made him cakes using playdoh and put 2 candles on top. We then helped him with his birthday list by finding the things he had asked for….. 2 dinosaurs, 2 books and 2 lego bricks!

Our story this week has been 'Construction Destruction'. and this has led us into a lot of thinking about playgrounds.  We have talked about how to look after ourselves and others on the playground.  We have made playground collages by cutting out and sticking pictures of playground equipment and then we made playground equipment using lollipop sticks!

In phonics we have been thinking about the sounds s and a.  We have been thinking about different words and objects that begin with these sounds and have been familiarising ourselves with what these sounds look like when they are written down.

We have been counting a lot this week as well!  We also began our Maths Mastery this week, and we have been finding out lots about the number 1.

This week we have read the story of Pete the Cat, who was 'Rocking in his school shoes' and finding out all about his new school.  We decided to rock in our own school shoes, and we visited lots of different places in our new school.  We then printed off the photos we took and used the photos to mark make. 

We also painted pictures of Pete the Cat and decorated his school shoes using lots of interesting creative materials.  We thought a lot about lunchtimes and food, and cut out and stuck pictures of food on to plates.  We have continued to explore the different areas of our new classroom, and had lots of fun using all our classroom resources in interesting ways!

Week Beginning 3.9.18

Reception have had a fantastic first full week at school!  We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring our classroom.