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Parent/Carer Information and Support

What does it mean to master something?

  • I know how to do it.
  • It becomes automatic and I don’t need to think about it- for example driving a car.
  • I’m really good at doing it – painting a room, or a picture.
  • I can show someone else how to do it.

How can you support at home?

Maths learning can happen anywhere. Maths is all around us and problem solving is at the heart of the mastery approach. Look for maths problems you can solve together, making connections between what your child has been learning at school and the world around them.

  • Follow a recipe: work together to find out the quantities needed, ask your child to weigh the ingredients, discuss how you’d halve or double the recipe and discuss the ratio of ingredients.
  • Talk about the weather forecast: is today’s temperature higher or lower than yesterday’s? What do the numbers mean?
  • Going shopping: talk about the cost of items and how the cost changes if you buy two items instead of one. Let your child count out the coins when paying and discuss the change you get back. Use coins to explore addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Planning an outing: discuss how long it takes to get to the park, and so work out what time you need to leave the house. Encourage your child to work out the best solution based on the time and distances. Discuss what shapes you see when you get there.

Further maths curriculum information - for information regarding Maths Mastery in Early Years, please refer to the EYFS curriculum page.