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Maths Mastery

‘The answer is only the beginning…’


Our vision for the maths curriculum is that every child can learn mathematics to the highest level.


  • Maths at Moira Primary School is a coherent journey from EYFS to Year 6, through key mathematical concepts delivered via a mastery approach. This is based on fundamental principles of deep and sustained learning for all children. Staff recognise that they are facilitators, not transmitters, of knowledge.
  • Our maths curriculum is carefully considered to develop each individual in terms of knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.
  • Our maths curriculum is broad and balanced between fluency, reasoning and teaching through problem solving. It is rich in conceptual and procedural variation, providing first-hand mathematical experiences though concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.
  • Carefully selected resources and representations ensure that our maths curriculum is flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual. Teachers will differentiate questioning to promote deep learning. Children are challenged through greater depth and mastery tasks: designing and solving their own problems, explaining and proving their answers and being expected to provide more mathematically accurate explanations by refining their language choices.
  • Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to make connections between knowledge and skills developed during maths lessons, and real world contexts as well as application to our wider curriculum.
  • Teachers foster a safe learning environment, where children have the confidence to take risks. Children and teachers recognise the value of misconceptions and how these misconceptions are an important part of developing a deep understanding of key concepts. 
  • Children have a ‘can do’ attitude towards their learning and are guided away from labelling themselves as ‘bad at maths’. They are resilient and inquisitive learners with a love of learning.
  • Staff recognise that all pupils need a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning so that future mathematical learning is built on solid foundations, which will not need to be retaught.
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