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** A small change as to how I will submit maths learning, as I've seen that Miss Lindsay (Year 5) is presenting this in a better way.  You will now have access to the whole week's maths learning (behave yourselves wink).  In addition to the activity sheet there is an accompanying video that runs through the key skills and learning that children will need in order to be successful in the activities. (There is also an answer sheet, just in case)!**

Click the link below:

**Advice** to people without a printer/multiple devices...

Feel free to write/draw out the sheet (I honestly don't mind - try to be as accurate as possible though). No one expects it be completed on the 'official' sheets.  If the internet is slow then there are maths activities included in your packs that can replace given activities. The packs are there to provide additional work for extending children's learning or provide emergency provision for when technical difficulties occur.