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Spring 2

Monday 22nd - read the text and complete Activity 1

Tuesday 23rd - complete Activity 2

Wednesday 24th - complete Activities 3 and 4

Thursday 25th - complete Activities 5 and 6

Friday 26th - complete Activity 7

Monday 1st - complete Activity 8

Tuesday 2nd - complete Activity 9

Wednesday 3rd - complete Activity 10

Thursday 4th - complete Activities 11 and 12

Friday 5th - complete Activity 13

A PowerPoint of the story

Day 1 – Thursday 21st January

Listen to me read the book on zoom. It is here in case you missed it or want to read it again:

Read ‘How to Keep Your Crayons Happy’

Complete the ‘Never heard the word’ traffic light grid.

Match the words to the definitions.

Day 2 – Friday 22nd January

Create a text map (draw pictures to help you remember) of the first half of the text up to ‘How about a pink alien once in a while?’

Choose one word from the text to look up in more detail. It must be an adjective.

Day 3 - Monday 25th January

Create a text map (draw pictures to help you remember) of the remainder of the text.

Day 4 – Tuesday 26th January

Answer the questions to show your understanding.

Day 5 – Wednesday 27th January

Create emoji cards to show the feelings of each crayon.

Day 6 – Thursday 28th January

Create a colour thesaurus.

Day 7 – Friday 29th January

Create your own items of stationery characters.

Reasons why an item of stationery could be angry.

Ways in which an item of stationery could be calmed down.

Day 8 – Monday 1st February

Choose one of your stationery characters and write a letter of complaint from them to yourself.

Day 9 – Tuesday 2nd February

Word work – time conjunctions

Day 10 – Wednesday 3rd February

Word work – imperative verbs

Day 11 – Thursday 4th February

Over-written instructions

Day 12 – Friday 5th February

Instruct someone at home on how to make a sandwich.

Day 13 – Monday 8th February


Day 14 – Tuesday 9th February


Day 15 – Wednesday 10th February

Write sections 1-3

Day 16 – Thursday 11th February

Write sections 4-5 and edit

Day 17 – Friday 12th

Write a letter back from Duncan to his crayons

Draw a picture and colour it in the ‘wrong colours’


Optional extra sheets

The Impossibly Possible Bookshop


Wednesday 6th January - Read the story and complete pages 7,8,9


Thursday 7th January - Page 10


Friday 8th January - Pages 11,12


Monday 11th January - Pages 13,14,15


Tuesday 12th January - Pages 16,17


Wednesday 13th January - Pages 18, 19


Thursday 14th January - Page 20


Friday 15th January - Pages 21, 22


Monday 18th January - Pages 23 (optional), 24, 25, 26, 27


Tuesday 19th January - Page 28 - use your plan from yesterday to write sections 1-3 (Opening, Build-up, Problem)


Wednesday 20th January - use your plan from Monday to write sections 4-5 (Resolution, Ending) and edit