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Eduardo Paolizzi

Collage - A piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.

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Of Italian descent, Eduardo Paolozzi was born in Leith near Edinburgh. He grew up in the years following WW2 where rationing was part of everyday life. As a child, Paolozzi collected images from popular American magazines and pasted them into scrapbooks. The brightly coloured adverts and images in American magazines showed healthy, happy people enjoying cars, bikes, electric cookers, telephones and food. Eduardo Paolozzi was drawn to this fantasy, where ordinary items like tinned pears or soup were  advertised as 'multi-coloured dreams'.


When he grew older, Paolizzi studied art in Edinburgh and London (also spending two years in Paris from 1947). His childhood hobby of scrapbooking developed into sculptures and prints made in a collage fashion. He created art by building up layers of objects and images inspired by popular culture. The collages he created reflect the way that people flick through articles in advertisements in magazines and switch between television channels.


Activity - Create a Pop Culture Collage

Use old newspapers and magazines to create a collage inspired by Pop Art ‘pioneer’ Eduardo Paolozzi.