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Moira Primary School ‘Learning Together’

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Personal Development

Activity 1: Looking after my special people

(Can be done with an adult helper, or alone)


Think about someone who is special to you, then talk about this person with your adult helper - or if you’re doing this by yourself write down your ideas. Use these questions to get you started:


  • What is it that makes you feel good about your special person?
  • What do we do to make our special people happy?
  • How do we feel if we fall out with them?
  • What sort of things do we do to make up with them?


Make a thank you card for your special person. If you don’t have any card, you could use paper. Write a message to your special person. Here’s a starter for you "You are special to me because…"


Activity 2: Reading someone's feelings


Play this game with a family member: make a list of 5 different feelings. Write these on separate, small pieces of paper. 


Now fold up the pieces of paper and put them into a bowl or other container - there should be 10 in total.

Take turns to pick out one of the pieces of paper and read it, without the other person seeing what’s on your paper.


Next, act out the feeling that’s on your piece of paper. How quickly can your partner guess the right answer? Take turns until all the pieces of paper have been used. Try again - this time with some different feelings.