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Moira Primary School ‘Learning Together’

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What is fake news - explained l CBC Kids News

What is fake news? How do you tell the difference between real news and stories that have been made up? CBC Kids News's Sid and Ruby break it down for you.--...

What is fake news? Tips For Spotting Them - Fake News for Kids video for children to learn what fake news is and how to spot them. There are news stories o...

What is fake news and how to spot it

Have you ever seen news online and questioned 'is this real?'. Newsround is here to clear things up for you. Watch this video on your mobile device and hold ...

What is 'fake news', and what isn't? - BBC Young Reporter

How do you know when news is real, false - or just twisted around?Subscribe to our channel here: to do if the news upsets you: If ...

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