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WB: 27-04-20

Hello Team 3! For the next two weeks we are going to try something different. This is a Talk for Writing unit about Trolls. In school, we learn most of our texts through the Talk for Writing technique so, if you wish, you can put actions to the text about Trolls. I will leave that with you! This unit should last for two weeks. I have broken it down but you may choose to organise it differently. The key is not to rush it!

Day 1: Reading the text, drawing/painting the troll, possibly labelling), and using the web links provided.

Day 2: Focus on vocabulary and meaning of words.

Day 3: Adjectives games (1 or 2 or both)

Day 4: Add on adverbs (1 or 2 or both)

Day 5: Engaging adverbs game

Second week:

Day 6: Drop in game

Day 7: Planing own writing about a troll using previous learning

Day 8/9: Writing own information text about trolls

Day 10: Bank Holiday!