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Friday 13th November

L.O. To innovate a suspense extract


Today, we are going to use our ideas from yesterday to innovate our model text (the extract from A Christmas Carol) using the 'lonely library' picture. I've attached the plan that we would have completed yesterday and I've filled it in with our shared ideas. Use these ideas and the structure of our model text to help you as we usually would.

Task: to write a suspense extract (NOT an entire story) - just the first three paragraphs (you can magpie ideas from my first paragraph from the final slide of the PowerPoint)


Example innovation:

At the end of an isolated street, the house stood.

Deep, in the middle of nowhere, the library quivered. 


Remember, that innovating means that we keep the structure of our sentences the same but change the subject. We are changing our setting from Scrooge's house to a library. 


Use the column of 'Lonely Library' from the 'innovate plan' document to help you write your extract.