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Moira Primary School ‘Together We Try’

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mrs. K. Hambleton - Headteacher
Mrs. D. Lewis - Deputy Headteacher (Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs. C. Wilsher - Reception Class Teacher

Miss. K. Meer - Reception Class Teacher 
Mrs. V. Santy - Deputy Headteacher/ Year 1 Class Teacher 
Mrs. A. Bourne  - Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss. D. Johnson - Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs. C. Butterworth - Year 4 Class Teacher
Mr. C. Mousley - Year 4 Class Teacher 

Miss. A. Lindsay - Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs. R. Hobbs - Year 6 Class Teacher 
Mrs. L. Leeson - Deputy headteacher/SEN/ Pupil Premium/ Gifted and Talented Leader

Mrs. D. Dent - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. Van Heezik - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. P Burgess - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. Smith - Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor 
Mrs. C. Wigstead - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Perry - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. K. Wainwright - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Rees - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. R. Cook - Teaching Assistant
Miss. P. Smith - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs. S. Riley - Office Administrator
Mrs. S. Marriott - Secretary

Mr. A. Satchwell - Premises Officer

Mrs. A. Satchwell - Lunchtime Supervisor/ Cleaner
Miss. C. Whitehurst - Lunchtime Supervisor 
Miss. J. Stewart - Lunchtime Supervisor 
Mrs. T. Guest - Lunchtime Supervisor 
Mrs. A. Guest - Lunchtime Supervisor 
Mrs. L. Large - Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs. A. Duggins - School Food Support

Mrs. L. Stewart - School Food Support 
Mrs. K. Davies - School Food Support