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Team 6

Welcome to Team 6!

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Welcome back after Christmas. Everyone is straight back on task and we are marching forward. This half term our focus will be all about 'The Wild, Wild West!', with Topic Week WC- 22nd January. Watch this space for more exciting learning.
This half term we are working on developing our confidence and public speaking by giving a short class talk on something of interest to us. WE will be uploading some of them here so watch this space...


We have been learning about mountains and mountain ranges of world by locating them and comparing them. We have thought about habitats in the mountain regions and how tourism affects them as well. It has also been great fun creating our own mountain range and mountains both in class and at home.

African Drumming

We really enjoyed our African Drumming session this week. Everybody joined in brilliantly and came back to the classroom tapping away. "Can we do this every week?" has been mentioned a few times?
We had a great time at Cannock Chase Museum, finding out all about what life was like during WW2. The children were able to learn about air raids and experienced what it might have been like. They also looked at artefacts, worked out who certain objects and belongings might belong to and then finally re-enacted life as an evacuee. We also learnt about rationing. This began our topic week brilliantly. Take a peek at our Topic page to see what we have been up to.

Every now and again, it is really important to challenge our brains and test our thinking. Today, we have been looking at the problem below. We have tried to spot patterns and explain and reason about our findings. Have a go at home. See what you can find out.


We have had a good week with our learning this week, trying out new things and reminding ourselves of our prior learning. We have also worked hard to write our own 'Journey Tale' linking to our literacy unit. We topped the week off with a mini-dodgeball tournament which was great fun. Thanks Team 6!


Dodgeball 1
Dodgeball 2
Dodgeball 3
Dodgeball 4
Dodgeball 5
Dodgeball 6
Dodgeball 7
Dodgeball 8