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Team 4

Welcome to Team 4!


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This week, we finished learning our model text of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. We were so impressed with all of your Scrooge character descriptions for home-learning - we're all enjoying the story! We have began to learn about pronouns and how they help a text to flow.

We enjoyed an African Drumming workshop as well as remembering those who have fallen and who continue to fight for us on Remembrance Day. We made some poppy poems which will be going on display.

A Christmas Carol Model Text - please use to help your child to learn any lines in the storymap that they are finding tricky

Digestive System Fun! 03.11.17


We learnt about how our bodies digest different types of food. We were split into three groups: one had vegetables and fruit, one had carbohydrates and the other had sweets, cakes and chocolate.

First, we had to mash up our food like our teeth would. Then we poured it down a tube which acted like the intestines and squeezed it out the other end. We found out that the tube that looked the clearest was the fruit and vegetable one! The unhealthy one was still rather clogged up after! This told us how important it was to look after the inside of our bodies and think twice about making unhealthy choices.

Team 4's Trip to the Think Tank


This week, we travelled by coach to Birmingham to the Think Tank science museum.

We got to explore lots of different areas such as the digestive system, dinosaurs, old transport such as trains and cars and space! We particularly enjoyed the science garden where we got to play while learning about forces. Even Mitchell the monkey had a go!

Finally, we enjoyed a Mad Science show where we saw potions change colour, polystyrene 'disappear' and learnt why balloons aren't filled with hydrogen!

20/10/17 - Fun-trition

This week, in our Fun-trition sessions, we had a go at making scrambled egg. We whisked egg and milk together and then added salt and pepper after it was cooked. Some of us hadn't tried scrambled egg before ; now we think it's yummy! We learnt how eggs are really good for us and can be cooked in lots of different ways!


Topic Week!     13.10.17


We've had lots of fun this week exploring rivers! We've learnt about their features, co-ordinates and researched about how disastrous flooding can be which we then used to write a newspaper article.

We particularly enjoyed our atlas quiz where we used our knowledge of rivers and co-ordinates together!

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Fun-trition!        06.10.17


This term, we've been learning about leading a healthy lifestyle in our Fun-trition sessions. We practiced 'moving well' by designing activities to raise our heart rate and we really enjoyed making scrambled egg during our 'eat well' week. We found out that eggs are really good for us and can be cooked in lots of different ways. We were able to show off our team work skills!

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Ice Hands!           29.09.17


This week we've been experimenting in Science. Each group were given an ice hand straight from the freezer and we observed it all day. Some of us were surprised that the fingers melted first! We then measured how much ice had melted by using measuring cylinders. We know that the ice changed from a solid to a liquid because the temperature in the classroom was higher than in the freezer. We made sure it was a fair test by putting the same amount of water in each glove and taking them out of the freezer at the same time.

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Roman Numerals


Over the past couple of weeks, we've been enjoying learning about Roman Numerals! We enjoyed using match sticks to make some numbers after learning the different rules. We know that you can't have more than three of the same letters in a row.


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