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Team 3

Welcome to Team 3!


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Forest School Week 1

Forest School Week 1  1
Forest School Week 1  2
Forest School Week 1  3
Forest School Week 1  4

Roman Day at Conkers.

Roman Day at Conkers. 1 Training to join Boudicca's army.
Roman Day at Conkers. 2 Exploring mosaic tiles.
Roman Day at Conkers. 3 Making our own mosaics.
Roman Day at Conkers. 4 Building a Roman road.
Roman Day at Conkers. 5 Making sure the road is straight.
Roman Day at Conkers. 6 Learning about the Roman army.
Roman Day at Conkers. 7 Preparing to go into battle.
Roman Day at Conkers. 8 Creating the famous tortoise shape.

Parent Drop-in.


Thank you to the parents that were able to join us for the 'Tower Challenge'.  As part of our science topic week, the children were challenged to build the tallest tower possible using only spaghetti and marshmallows.  There were great character strengths on display throughout the afternoon:  resilience, reasoning, love of learning, teamwork and perseverance! Congratulations to the winning team: Adam, Aaden, Leo and Ruby plus Adam's and Aaden's mum.  There will be other opportunities to drop-in to class during the year.  




The children thoroughly enjoyed their workshop with Steve, who helped them to explore what to do if someone contacts them whilst on line.  They also thought about the information they share on line creating their own superhero usernames and passwords.  In class, we watched the CEOP series 'Hector's World' which reinforced these important messages.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Children's Mental Health Week.


The children discussed different feelings and how to recognise them within themselves and others.  We also explored the benefits of meditation - sitting quietly, breathing and relaxing whilst listening to a brief story.  Miss Johnson was very impressed with how well the class responded to this and the children were certainly chilled out afterwards.  

Picture 1
Picture 2

Outdoor Learning

As a school, we actively look for opportunities to take our learning outside.  As part of our topic week, exploring the life and works of LS Lowry, we investigated our local surroundings as a stimulus for writing a haiku.  The children developed their vocabulary by capturing the colours, textures, sounds and smells of the school grounds.  These were then used to create poems.

RE Topic Week


The focus for this half term's Topic Week was RE.  The week began with the children being shown an artefact.  They created lots of questions about the plate which we would investigate during the week.  The children thought about different celebrations and which were a religious festival.  Miss Johnson gave the children a clue that the artefact came from Judaism.  The children explored the Jewish faith, the importance of Moses, the festival of Passover; before discovering that the plate is actually a Seder Plate which Jewish people use to remind them of their ancestors exodus from Egypt. 

RE Topic Week

Our Geography focus has been comparing the Caribbean to the UK.  The children have developed their mapping skills by using atlases to locate the Caribbean islands, begun to compare the physical and human features of different locations and think about links between different parts of the world.  Whilst investigating Fair Trade, the children were amazed to discover how the money used to purchase a banana is divided between the people involved.  They will all be looking for the Fair Trade logo from now on.

Comparing the Caribbean to the UK.

Spelling is hugely important to expressing our ideas and opinions to other people.  How we learn to spell can vary from person to person.  We use lots of different ways in class: making up actions, looking for words within words, using dictionaries, playing games, chalking on the playground and even using play dough.

Super Spellers

Super Spellers 1
Super Spellers 2
Super Spellers 3
Super Spellers 4

Multiplication and Division.


We are working hard on strategies for multiplying and dividing numbers.  As well as using times tables, there are many different ways of finding the answer.  The children had lots of fun creating arrays. 

Amazing Arrays.

Whole class African Drumming? Yes Please!

Whole class African Drumming?  Yes Please! 1
Whole class African Drumming?  Yes Please! 2

To end our fabulous topic week on the Stone Age, we went to Beaumanor Hall to discover what life was like for people living in the Iron Age.  We experienced what it was like to live in a roundhouse and had the opportunity to play musical instruments, make flour, weave and make jewellery.  We also learnt about being a warrior.  Passing a beacon, throwing spears and playing football with a Roman's head were all part of a warrior's day. 

Beaumanor Visit

Week ending 13th October.


It has been a fabulous week in Team 3 as we have enjoyed our first Topic Week.  The focus was on developing our historical skills whilst investigating life in the Stone Age.  We have created a timeline using toilet roll paper, worked as a team to produce cave paintings, built Stonehenge from construction equipment and biscuits as well as thinking about the reliability of different historical sources, researching Skara Brae and discovering how homes changed from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic eras.  A very busy week which will continue next week as we visit Beaumanor Hall for an Iron Age Day.

Stone Age Topic Week

Week ending 6th October 2017.


It has been another busy week in Team 3.  We have been learning about dialogue in our Literacy lessons.  To prepare for writing, we imagined having a telephone conversation between the owner of a dragon hatchery and a customer asking for advice on how to look after their new pet.   The other photographs show our funtrition lesson.  We had lots of fun making fruit pizzas. 

Week ending 29th September 2017.


Welcome to the first Team 3 weekly news!


This has been a very special week for Team 3 as we have been working on a secret mission. Having seen peculiar objects flying in the sky at night, strange noises coming from the nature area and then the discovery of a burnt yellow vest top; Mr Satchwell knew there was only one team he could ask to investigate.  First thing on Wednesday morning Team 3 tiptoed across to the nature area, armed with I-pads and clipboards to record any clues.  All of the evidence pointed to a dragon! Although we were a little frightened, we are now learning to write a set of instructions on how to catch a dragon and how to tame it so it can become a pet.  Mr Satchwell will soon be able to sleep easy again.


We also continued with our Fun-trition lessons.  This week we have learnt about the importance of exercise.  The children were surprised to discover that we should all aim for an hour of vigorous exercise each day.  The children have been picking up lots of tips from these sessions.  They have been thinking about how simple changes such as getting enough sleep, cutting down on the amount of sugar they eat and drinking more water can have a positive impact upon their health.


Finally for this week, we have also been learning about prefixes in our daily spelling lessons.  We have been concentrating upon the prefixes un- and dis-.  We had a dictionary race with the winning pair discovering over thirty words with the prefix dis- in less than five minutes.

Gallery Weekly News 1