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Team 2

Welcome to Team 2!


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We all had fun in funtrition learning how to movewell.

We all had fun in funtrition learning how to movewell.  1
We all had fun in funtrition learning how to movewell.  2
We all had fun in funtrition learning how to movewell.  3

An exciting visit from Professor Nitrate. Can you remember why bubbles float?

This week we have enjoyed practical science lessons. We have learnt about some famous scientists and looked at different ways to test their discoveries. Wedeveloped our drawing skills by creating observational drawings of owls. Come and look at our masterpieces.

Do you know how important it is to wash your hands thorughly? Team 2 are investigating how germs spread. Ask us about our experiment.

We all enjoyed Forest School this week. One of our activities was to make a home for a hedgehog. Did you know hedgehog numbers are declining in the UK?

African drumming workshop

Den building in the Woodland Area with Team 2

Team 2 really enjoyed competing in the multisports festival at Hermitage Leisure Centre.

Week ending 13th October 2017


This week Team 2 took their learning outside. We looked for different textures in the environment and discussed natural and man made materials. We looked for different colours around the woodland and made an autumn artists palette. Then we looked at the work of different land artists for example Andy Goldsworthy. First we collected natural materials, then we planned and made our sculpture. We went on a sculpture walk and also invited our parents to share our work.

Week ending 6th October


This week Team 2 visited Donington le Heath Manor House to find out about life in the 1600's. We listened to the story about Cap of Rushes a servant girl. Then we carried out the duties of a servant. We dusted the house using feathers, swept the floor with stick brooms and washed the clothes in a big wooden bucket. We learnt how to weave and looked at fabrics and clothes the 1600's. We ground salt and beans while the pig roasted on the fire. By the end of the day we decided that it would have been hard living in 1600's without the modern equipment we have today. We enjoyed a taste of the past.

Week ending 22nd September


Team 2 have enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London. Magic Grandad took us back to 1666 and we watched Samuel Pepys writing in his diary. We learnt the houses were made of wood and straw and built very closely together. In 1666 there was no fire brigade and people used leather buckets filled with water, water squirts and fire hooks to help control the fire. Most of London was burnt down.