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Welcome to Reception Class!


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Welly Wednesday (Week beginning 9.4.18)

Our new topic is called 'Come down to the Woods'.  We decided to explore our own school woodland area.  We thought about what we could see and what we could smell.

We made Easter Nests! (Week beginning 19.3.18)

We had a great time making Easter nests.  We pulled apart some shredded wheat to make the 'nests', then mixed in melted chocolate.  Finally we decorated them with mini eggs!  The best bit was when we tasted them.... they were yummy!


Silly Science Workshop! (Week beginning 12.3.18)

During our ZooLab visit, we looked at, stroked and even held lots of different animals.  We then took parts of each animal to build our own dinosaur!

World Book Day Fun! (Week beginning 26.2.18)

On Tuesday we were visited by author Mike Molloy.  He read one of his books to us - and we helped him!  Some of us then chose to enter a competition by drawing what might be in the bag of one of his book characters!

On Thursday we came to school dressed up as our favourite book characters.  We drew selfies, made book marks, used the computer to explore stories, acted out our favourite books in a puppet show and shared our favourite books with the class.  What a lovely week!

On Wednesday we had a Playtrition Workshop! (Week beginning 19.2.18)

During our Playtrition workshop, we talked about the importance of healthy eating, getting enough sleep and keeping our teeth clean. 

We then went into groups.  First we sorted out food into healthy food we should eat lots of, and food we should have less often as treats.  We then decided what we should put into a very healthy lunchbox.

Afterwards, we did some very healthy exercise.  It was fun too!

Jam Week! (Week beginning 5.2.18)

Continuing our story 'The Magic Box', we had fun making and eating jam sandwiches.  We then wrote instructions to explain how to do it.   We were asked to smell 3 different jam flavours.  We put our thumbs up or down to show whether we liked it or not and talked about the different smells.  We decided on our favourite.  We then put our results on a pictogram and talked about which was the most popular flavour and which was the least popular flavour.

Our parents came to take part in Maths Mastery with us! (Wednesday 31st January)

Wednesday 24th January was Pyjama Day!

Pyjama Day was such fun!  We talked about how important it was to brush our teeth every morning and evening.  We practised brushing our teddies' teeth!   We enjoyed making teeth 'dirty' with pen, then brushing the dirt away.  We thought about the different things we do during the day and then sequenced pictures.  We looked at the famous painting by Vincent van Gogh 'Starry Night' and used toothbrushes to splatter paint on paper and create a star effect.

This week we have had bikeability! (Week beginning 15.1.18)

The Magic Porridge Pot! (Week beginning 8.1.18)

On Wednesday we found a trail of porridge oats in our Café area!  We had no idea where the trail came from! After we had explored the porridge; by smelling it, feeling the warmth of the bowl and looking at it, we wrote a letter to the person who left it.  We wanted to find out who it was!

We received a letter back from a girl called Poppy.  She told us her story. The Magic Porridge Pot story. We decided to help her by writing signs, reminding her of the special words that made her magic pot cook porridge and stop cooking! 

We also painted porridge pouring out of the magic porridge pot!

Christmas Lunch and Party Day! (21.12.17)

We all enjoyed performing in our Nativity Concert! (Week beginning 11.12.17)

The elves visited our classroom!

This week we received lots of night time visits from the Christmas Elves!  They left videos of themselves playing in our classroom and they wrote us lots of letters asking us to do special jobs! 

We wrote letters to them asking them to make sure they leave our classroom a bit tidier!  We wrote our Christmas wish lists for them to pass to Santa.  We drew special tracks for them to play on - both inside and outside the classroom - and made sure they knew where to start and stop! We made special elf hats as well!

We have had a LOT of fun this week!

We have been learning about the composition of the number 5 this week! (Week beginning 27.11.17)

We have been finding out how to split 5 into two smaller numbers.  We used beans which were coloured black one side and white the other side to find out how many different combinations appeared when we shook the container. 

We then pretended we were squirrels with 5 acorns and we wanted to split our acorns into 2 piles.  We explored how many different ways we could do this.  We then recorded our findings.

We have been learning about the number 5! (Week beginning 20.11.17)

We looked at different pictures and discussed why they were 'five'.  We all had 5 beans and arranged them in different ways.  We explored how five looks on a tens frame and used different objects to show five on our own tens frames.  We learned about the concept of 'fewer' and tried to think of all the different amounts of acorns that were fewer than five.

Wednesday 15th November was Windsock Day!

We have been reading the Percy the Park Keeper story 'After the Storm'  We decided to make and test windsocks.  There wasn't much wind so we had to find different ways to make some!  We blew, we twirled and we ran!

On Thursday 9th November we learned how to play African Drums!

This week we have been learning about the number 3!

We have learned different ways to represent 3.  We have made collections of 3.  We created our own 3 numberblock.  We had 3 objects and used the number cave to hide some objects, we then worked out how many objects were inside and outside the cave.  We made 3 in different ways with our fingers.

We have been learning about the Diwali festival this week (Week Ending 20.10.17)

Den building at Forest School 13.10.17

On Wednesday we had a very special Stay and Play!  Our parents came to see us in our new classroom.  We enjoyed showing them all the exciting things we do in Reception!

Our Class Story is The Three Little Pigs

We have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs.  We are using a story map and our Talk for Writing actions to help us retell the story.