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Moira Primary School ‘Together We Try’

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Monthly Family Activities

Spring Term 1 Activity "SECRET FRIEND"


As a family, find ways of acting generously towards someone (draw secret names from a hat) without revealing your identity. This maybe kind notes left in a drawer, or a tiny gift of some sort. To act without recognition is harder, and involves a degree of self-sacrifice #kindness


You have a picture of an object only you can see. Describe it to your child who draws what they are told, trying to recreate the original picture through listening and clear communication.


Autumn Term 1 Activity - "Yes I Can"

You will need: large sheets of paper and coloured pens/crayons

As a family think of things you are good at and write or draw it on the sheet. Then encourage each person to think of things for the other family members. Keep a display of them around the house as a permanent reminder of your strengths.

Summer Activity:

Over the summer, take a jar or container and add a note or post-it every day of something you are proud of.